Timeless and chic, the loungewear is so versatile it can be paired with your current wardrobe.

Aina Elias (left) and Sasha Yusof did not want to rush into things, spending almost a year to formulate their brand identity (All photos: Lulla Loungewear)

Sasha Yusof could not find loungewear that didn’t look like pyjamas. “It started when I became a mom, and people kept coming over unannounced to see the baby. Because I was always focused on my new baby, I was never dressed for the occasion … And I couldn’t find clothes that were breastfeeding-friendly, comfortable and didn’t look like pyjamas. I would go to places like Muji and Uniqlo but the clothes still looked like pyjamas,” she says. After she shared her woes with her husband, he suggested that it might be something she could look into.

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Credit to Options by The Edge - 7 January 2021